The life of Linda - Chapter 1 - Training the body to break the mind

Linda's ears are as yet ringing when I eliminate her gag and the tape that holds her eyelids back from shutting. She mutters unintelligibly and endeavors to lick any piece of my body that comes into contact with her, a purposeless endeavor to argue for a chance to cum. As she gradually recaptures her capacity to talk, the main word that she can assemble is "cum". She rehashes it again and again, cum, cum, cum. I bring a tall and little table and spot it under her jawline, straightforwardly before her. I then, at that point, bring the container of piss that she has delivered in the course of the most recent 52 minutes and supplement a straw and carry it to her lips. Linda talks once more: "Bitch, no spill, drink; bitch, no spill, drink". She is gradually returning and is currently ready to talk a smidgen all the more plainly. Following a month of preparing, she recalls well what she has been educated, bitches drink all the piss and never spill. As she sucks the straw, the container gradually becomes unfilled until just a little is passed on and Linda keeps on sucking, making slurping sounds. I eliminate the straw from her lips and with an euphoric lively voice she says "cum, cum, cum". I delicately place a hand on the rear of her head. 

Not yet, recollect? Two additional meetings to go and afterward if you have been acceptable you get to come once. 

Cum, cum, indeed, I'll be good. 

Wonderful! Your discourse is back 

Yes, I feel better now. 

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